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Field Trippin'

Episode 108 - AdultCon 2008 (Part 2)
Part 2 of Bite Me TV's coverage of AdultCon 2008 is all about performances by porn stars and fetish models.

We showed an overview of many of the honeys and happenings in Part 1, so this time we focused on three performances. Two of the lovelies show us how pole dancing should be done. Porn star Heather Gates is up first, teasing us with her phenominal ass. You're really gonna want to get right up next to those creamy globes. And to change things up a bit, we added a little girl-on-girl S&M action between porn star Satine Phoenix and fetish model Erin Sinclair.

The soundtrack features SPRM's hot 'n nasty single "Freaky". For more info, visit

That's right. This is the kind of thing you want to see, so grab yourself the drink of your choice, sit back and enjoy the ladies shakin' (and whippin') that ass!